The Art Of Zendesk Hijacking

The Art Of Zendesk Hijacking

Back in July 2023, I was testing a HackerOne Private Program [ let’s call this target ] and this target scope was pretty limited. The scope was – The subdomain looks interesting and I quickly used to look for any beta or dev environment for this admin subdomain using the query […]

Subdomain Hijacking Of Any Qwilr’s Customer

First Happy new year to fellow Hackers, I was planning to write on my blog regularly for the last few months, but I could not do that due to my lack of time and laziness. So here’s a new year gift for you guys ? Back in October 2022, I was testing a really old […]

Subdomain takeover due to misconfigured project settings

Hi readers, Today I will write about Subdomain takeover. It’s a common Security issue that is actually a developers mistake when they left an Unused/unclaimed 3rd party Service DNS CNAME record for a subdomain of theirs and Hackers can claim those subdomains with the help of external services, it pointing to what could lead to serious […]